Forum Title: What lurks in my pipes?
Location is Glendale, Ca. I was cleaning out a faucet screen to change the adapter for a water filter when I noticed this black mud looking stuff in the screen. I cleaned it out and noticed that it stained my hands really badly. All I had to wash it off with was baking soda, but upon contact with baking soda and water the black "sludge" turned purple and stained my hands. It was quite difficult to get off with repeated washings as the sludge was quite penetrating. I would like to know what this black stuff is in the water pipes that reacts with baking soda to turn purple because I'm genuinely concerned about my health. I contacted poison control and they just said "sorry buddy, no clue"..literally. Anyone ever see this stuff before? Know what it is?
Category: Plumber Post By: SAMANTHA VALDEZ (Stamford, CT), 12/01/2016

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- MARIA DAVIS (Woburn, MA), 09/09/2017

That sure looks a lot like sulfur. It's not harmful, but it sure doesn't look nice. Apparently your municipality is using well water and they aren't getting the sulfur out. Lots of wells have sulfur and the black water is there as well. We can remove the odor it causes, but the black stays in the water. It coats pipes then flakes off in little pieces like you see in that video.

- PETER CAMPBELL (Hamilton, OH), 09/29/2017

Many municipalities in Southern California are experiencing this. Your first phone call should be to your water department. Please let us know what they say. Take a look at what recently occurred in a nearby city...

- ROY REED (Evanston, IL), 10/02/2017

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