Forum Title: what connector to use on this pipe?
Hi, I am trying to replace piping that is for the washing machine drainage. I pulled out a copper pipe that was inserted with a metal threaded ring. I tried to screw in a threaded pvc pipe adaptor, but it would not thread due to the single ridge inside the sewage pipe pictured below.. So was wondering what kind of connector i should be using here. Thanks [IMG][/IMG][IMG][/IMG]
Category: Plumber Post By: BRETT RHODES (Thornton, CO), 10/12/2016

That is all a cast iron pipe that goes from in the ground to in the attic

- HERBERT FRANKLIN (St. Joseph, MO), 09/13/2017

It looks like there is a broken peace of PVC in the fitting. You should be able to pick it out then use a PVC male.

- BRIAN WHITE (Montebello, CA), 10/02/2017

It appears to be PVC above the cast iron sweep, so I would cut the sweep low and use a no-hub coupler that will fit over the cast and reduce(4 to 3) to a new PVC sweep. Can't see what is below or what kind of access you have but by just what is in sight that would be an easy and trouble-free option.

- SETH FIGUEROA (Longview, WA), 10/05/2017

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