Forum Title: Softener Size options?
So I'm looking to buy a Fleck water softener my hardness was tested at 12 in one test and 9 in another. From what I've found we can use 32,000 grain. But with being a SXT Electronic Meter is it good or bad to get a 40,000 grain instead? It's just the wife and I, but maybe get lucky and have a kid or two in the future. Also looks like the 7000STX is cheaper then the 5600STX in 32K or 40K from qualitywaterforless. So any reason to go with the 5600STX. And I've heard the 5000STX has some advantages over the 5600STX in better flow.
Category: Plumber Post By: CARRIE LAWSON (Gainesville, FL), 03/14/2017

And Vortech tanks? Good or bad?

- ANDREW KING (Del Rio, TX), 09/21/2017

Maybe this will help-

- KELLY BELL (Bend, OR), 09/21/2017

So it looks to me that even a 15,000 grain unit for two people at 12 gpg would regenerate every 9 days. My two test show I had 198 ppm (11.57 gpg) and 9 gpg. Even if we get a third member then that would put us into the sweet spot at 6 days. But the problem I see is that the smallest I see available is 24,000 grain. And that would be about 14 days between regeneration. Would I just run the regeneration after a set number of days instead? Can you do that with a metered unit?

- SALLY NEWMAN (Springfield, OH), 10/13/2017

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