Forum Title: Main water shut off question
As every homeowner should do, I'm trying to locate and figure out how to turn off the main water to my house just in case I need to. From what I've read, there should be 2 valves, one on the house side of the meter and one on the street side. The homeowner is to use the house side valve while the street side is to be used by the city. So I go to locate the meter and the valve only to find some contraption that has no valve and leaves me confused. So my question to you is, how in the world do I turn the water off? Pictures are attached. Thanks
Category: Plumber Post By: MARSHALL DOYLE (Downey, CA), 01/05/2016

In your top photo is a stop valve before the meter. it is a 1/4 turn valve with the hole that will line up when shut off to insert a padlock. Using an adjustable crescent wrench will work turning it clockwise 1/4 turn. your looks like the valve on the left side of this picture, before the meter.

- JAMES SMITH (Beloit, WI), 09/19/2017

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