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we had a discussion on workmens comp. and if home owner is liable if a worker is hurt on their property the qusetion was...if a worker, how is not covered by workers comp. is hurt on your property. are you in danger of being sued or liable for damages' I heard an answer to this question, yesterday the worker is aware, has been notified, that the item they are working is broke that he is in danger by working on it. since he is aware of the danger. you are not, responsible for him hurting himself. BUT, if he injuries himself, by.....falling in a sink hole [example] then you would be liable for that injury. so, if his injuries are work related, no if not work related but an accident, yes you would be liable, just like you would if the next door neighbor kid hurt himself
Category: Plumber Post By: AARON BROOKS (Provo, UT), 12/31/2016

you sure ? according to a lawyer. he is AWARE the task is dangerous. by agreeing to do the work he is accepting the responsibility being aware, and accepting the responsibility he is accepting the dangers as well. if hurt, it is not an accident, because he was AWARE

- RONNIE FIELDS (Baldwin Park, CA), 09/15/2017

... but, in California, if he fails to have Worker's Comp. tied to his business and he injures himself while doing the work requested, then YES, the homeowner would assume any and all responsibilities.

- ROBERTA GUERRERO (Gadsden, AL), 09/15/2017

If the worker is licensed and bonded, it is assumed that he has worker's comp. Problem is when you hire a non-licensed worker, then unless you have them sign a waiver, you will pick up the responsibility.

- KATHLEEN SCOTT (Bossier City, LA), 10/04/2017

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