Forum Title: How To Clean Up Contaminated Toilet Water
Hello all. My toilet has leaked three times and the plumber is on his way to check out the issue. Meanwhile, the other day I noticed water seeping out from under the floor tiles. Because the toilet was still leaking I decided not to even attempt to dry out the floor and instead I removed the tiles. The bathroom is small and there were about twenty-five or so tiles. What a mess I encountered. Half of the floor was dry but the other half was soaking wet and you all know that the water was contaminated. It smelled awful. Luckily the person who installed the tile many years ago (my brother-in-law) didn't do a very good job so the tiles came off pretty easily. It looks like he hardly used any mastic at all. I swept up as much gross gunk as I could and then put a fan in the doorway. The water continues to leak out from under the tiles that the toilet is sitting on so I know that it's the toilet. When the plumber takes off the toilet I will hammer out the rest of the tiles. My question here is, how do I safely remove the remaining (now dried) contaminated water from the terrazzo floor? I don't care about damaging the floor because the rest of the terrazzo in this house is stained and I intend to put in laminate flooring some day.
Category: Plumber Post By: KELLY BELL (Inglewood, CA), 02/17/2016

Diluted bleach or PineSol should work just fine.

- CHRISTINA HOWARD (Plainfield, IL), 09/22/2017

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