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Hello, I'm writing this for my stepdad. We use propane for a gas range, and a gas range only. We used to have a company come on site to fill the tanks, but we did not like their service and decided to stop using them and fill the tanks ourselves. When they came to remove their tanks, they messed up the regulator that was on the tanks so we needed a new one. The old regulator is a Rego LV4403 and also says marked as 450L. It's gold, and doing research we found out it's a single stage. There are no other markings besides the 4403. When we look up part numbers, every 4403 has letters and numbers after it, and there are a few model numbers for 4403, so I'm not sure what a good replacement would be? Before we discovered it was a single stage, he bought a first state regulator and installed it. The flame on the range would initially flame pretty high, and then be very low. I'm guessing this is because the wrong regulator type. Any help with a replacement? Again, we know it's a 4403 but nothing beyond that. Oh, and it was made in 1992. Part number catalog: Thank you!
Category: Plumber Post By: KATHERINE ROGERS (Ann Arbor, MI), 06/24/2017

The stove has already been damaged, and needs a professional to repair it. While they are out repairing the stove, have them install a new regulator for you. Gas can be extremely dangerous.

- TIM HOLLAND (Panama City, FL), 09/02/2017

What leads you to believe the stove was damaged...? He put on a 1st stage regulator with an output of 10psi. I'm pretty sure he didnt damage the stove with a low pressure regulator, but we'll keep that in mind. We know we need a single stage, but the lack of part numbers is difficult to get a replacement from rego. There are always other manufacturers I guess.

- CALVIN SCHULTZ (O'Fallon, MO), 09/24/2017

He applied 10 PSI to an appliance that is designed to operate with ~ 1/2 PSI. That appliance cannot be considered safe to operate until it is repaired. Gas can be extremely dangerous.

- ELLA MALDONADO (Rancho Cordova, CA), 10/08/2017

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