Forum Title: Flooded Bathroom but No Blockage
Hello, Our toilet has been running on and off (2 or 3 times per hour) for a long time, but I kept putting off fixing it. Well, last week I awoke to an overflowing toilet bowl and a flood. Here's the thing though. The toilet wasn't plugged up, or at least it didn't appear to be. I was the last person to use it and I urinated in it and didn't throw in any toilet paper. It flushed perfectly and seemed to drain normally. So, can anyone tell me how this could be possible? What can go wrong with a toilet to make the bowl overflow all night long without being plugged up? Please let me know. Thanks!
Category: Plumber Post By: FRANK YOUNG (Simi Valley, CA), 06/15/2017

your toilet does not have to be plugged up to overflow. your tub is the lowest point in your sewer, then the toilet is the next lowest, sinks are the highest if your main has an obstruction, your running toilet will fill it up. change out the flapper on your toilet and put a stop to the constant running

- DERRICK PENA (Lancaster, OH), 10/07/2017

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