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Hi folks! It's been a while, hope everyone is doing well. I haven't had many plumbing projects to report on, but I can tell you a lot about Carpenter Ants! Anyway, I'm putting things back together now that the ants have been taken care of, and I'm looking to replace this old baseboard (or whatever you call it). These things are in every room of my little Cape, and they all look equally terrible. I would like to replace this with a standard baseboard, and in this room (dining), I would like to add one below the other window in the room. Someone told me that I can do this, but I need a baseboard that has an air bleed valve, so I can purge air from the system. Anyone have any experience with this job? I know that I'm going to have to drop pressure, and maybe drain down this zone (first floor), but it really doesn't seem that bad.
Category: Plumber Post By: ZACHARY SANDOVAL (Lafayette, LA), 04/11/2017

Johnjh2o, liQuid, havasu, phishfood - please help! I'm your friend, remember?!

- GILBERT CHAMBERS (Jacksonville, NC), 09/01/2017

I wish I could help but I live in Southern California and have no idea about them!

- DEREK DAVIDSON (Johnson City, TN), 09/30/2017

Wanted to update this with a couple images of the plumbing in the basement leading to these heating units. Originally, the entire house was on one zone, and at some point, someone split the house into two zones - first and second floor. Here's one of the old feeds that's been blocked off: I would like to try to use this again for the additional baseboard that I want to add under the other window in that room. Here's another image: Has anyone out there ever dealt with this before?

- EDDIE MENDEZ (Chester, PA), 10/07/2017

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