Forum Title: Advice needed for shower compression valve repair
Hi, I'm trying to remove the valve for rebuild but I don't know how to proceed. The attached picture should show where I've become stuck. How do I remove the valve assembly without tearing up my house? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.After some more poking around I've discovered that the tiles were put on after the stem was installed and they partially cover the stem nut. So, I guess I'll have to tear up part of my house after all. Hopefully, I can contain this destruction to the unseen part of the tile that is in the way. Thanks, Morgan
Category: Plumber Post By: MELISSA HALL (Allentown, PA), 02/09/2017

Quote: Originally Posted by SHR Then remove and replace entire old stem and seat. That is some great advice. I was thinking about replacing the entire stem the whole time I was working on the old one. I should have done it from the start. Working on it did more harm than good. Now it doesn't turn smoothly, but it doesn't leak either. That will get me through to Monday when I can get to the local plumbing supply. Thanks.

- JAIME RAMSEY (Fayetteville, AR), 09/07/2017

Yep. You have to remove enough of the tile to get a faucet stem wrench on your stem. Then remove and replace entire old stem and seat.

- PHILLIP FOSTER (Dover, DE), 10/06/2017

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