Is Hard Water Really Bad for Your Health?

Directory Of master plumbers - Inspection, Troubleshooting Blogs - Get advice from your local plumbing inspection contractors on bathroom repair, shower valve replacement, clear clogged drain, pipe leak repair, install kitchen faucet.. Consider calling Anta Plumbing to test your water, and, if it is hard, installing a water softener. While the evidence of the effects of hard water on human health across the various studies are conflicting, one fact remains: hard water causes much inconvenience. It makes it harder to clean dishes and it leaves your hair dull and your skin dry ..More

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Radiant-Heat Barriers

Directory listing of plumber technicians - Talk To An Expert - Forum Pages - Get free quotes - tub spout diverter repair, electric water heater troubleshooting, septic tank repair, sink drain repair. aIt warrants mentioning that with more insulation in the attic, there is less heat-flow from the attic into the home (through the ceilings). This savings is due to the heat-barrier reducing heat-flow into the house (through the ceilings) by 40%, based on R-19 attic insulation. aTo classify as an Energy-Efficient Radiant Barrier, it must reflect more than 90% of all radiant-heat coming into the attic ..More

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12 Tips Most Plumbers Won’t Give You

Directory Of rooter service companies - Ask Away - Forum Pages - Free contractor estimates - garbage disposal replacement, shower diverter valve repair, sewer line cleanout, tub faucet repair. Hiring a professional plumber with a large company servicing the GTA, you will probably benefit from their buying power. 12. However, it is not really the materials you pay for, but rather the years of experience. When you call a Toronto master plumber, don't worry too much about the materials charges ..More

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Tax Free Weekend!

Find best 10 plumbing technicians - Service Call Forums - Certain used Energy Star and WaterSense items will also qualify for tax-free status during the four-day exemption period. a Qualifying Energy Star products include air conditioners, ceiling fans, washing machines, dishwashers, dehumidifiers, refrigerators and compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs). WaterSense-labeled bathroom sink faucets, faucet accessories, toilets, showerheads, urinals and landscape irrigation controllers will also be tax-exempt. Get free quotes - bathtub crack repair, hot water heater installation, septic system pumping, unclogging shower drain hair. Each qualifying product must cost $2,500 or less, have either an Energy Star or WaterSense label affixed, and be purchased for personal or noncommercial use ..More

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What Are Some of the Benefits of a New Water Heater?-á

Local licensed plumbers - Repairman Forum Pages - For those who want to avoid future water heater breakdowns or mishaps, it is better to get water heater replaced, especially when the warranty period has lapsed. With energy efficient models you will see the real savings. What you fail to see is how hard the appliance is working in order to produce that heat and maintain the temperature. Eventually, most water heaters, after certain age, tend to corrode or begin to leak. This difference can be clearly noticed on your monthly electric or gas bill. Plumber blogs and forum pages for help and troubleshooting on bathtub restoration, new water heater, septic tank & unclogging drain pipe.. Your old water heater may appear to work just fine in supplying enough hot water to the household all day long ..More

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